Massage is one of the oldest methods of treatment. Its name comes from the Arabic word "massa" meaning - "touch". Touch is the essence of massage. For people touch is essential because it provides the security, warmth, pleasure, comfort and restores vitality. Touch tells us that we are not alone. Touch is a language that we use to express our instinctive feelings.
The roots of massage originate from east China, 4700 years ago, massage used to relieve pain from hard physical work. In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a specific type of massage known as reflexology, which is based on reflex points on the feet and hands.
Roots of the Western type of massage can be found in anatomy and physiology. Massage has number of positive effects that affect the overall health:
- enhances and accelerates blood circulation
- improves skin regeneration
- relaxes muscles,
- slows and deepens breathing,
- improves digestion, metabolism
- accelerates the expulsion of harmful substances from the body
- reduces pain and tension