"If you want to do more for yourself, for your health, for your future, please contact us with confidence.
Our experts will take care of you with the help of our rich natural resources (mineral water and mud ).
Friendly, hospitable staff will make your stay pleasant, unique and unforgettable.
If you want treatment, recovery, prevention, relaxation, wellness, recreation and sport, we should be your choice because Banja Kanjiža is keeping you healthy for over 100 years. "
Dr. med. Slobodanka Drndarski, director of special hospital for medical rehabilitation

There were two artesian wells for watering of cattle on the pasture 6 km away from Kanjiža in 1907. As the demand for the water raised, the shepherds went to the city government with the request to bore two more wells. In 1908 it was already bored a new well. The water of this well had yellowish color and inflammable gas came out from the pipe.

The new object of Banja "Aquamarin" was finished in 1979 and it began to work really on 1st January, 1980. with the capacity of 150 beds. The new object had the complete therapy department, sport hall, 2 covered pools, restaurant for 300 quests and all other contents for three star hotel.

In the process of development of Special hospital for medical rehabilitation "Banja-Kanjiža" from Kanjiža, the introducing of the system of quality becomes a NEED. The system of quality is a PROCESS and not a moment in time.