Patients who suffer from following diseases get rehabilitation treatments in the Institution:

- inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism ( joint or out of joint form);
- after injuries of motor functioning apparatuses and backbone, as well after surgery on them;
- diseases of central and peripheral nervous system;
- rehabilitation of children.

Rehabilitation is conducted under the supervision of team of doctors specialist and the latest medical doctrines with the aid of natural remedy factors - mineral water and healing mud - peloid.

Characteristics of thermal water:
The thermal water falls in the category of sodium, hydrocarbonated, iodine, bromine, sulfurous, alkali and hyperthermic water. They use it as a helping curing appliance and for recreation. The depth of the well is 1140 m, and the temperature of the water is 67º C.

- inpatient and outpatient medical rehabilitation
- inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism (silent phase)
-joint swelling

Balneotherapy is based on the use of water and mud as an aid in the healing process. It has beneficial effect on the body mechanically, chemically and thermally.

Application of electricity for treatment purposes

The application of low-frequency electromagnetic fields in the treatment
Electromagnetic field acts on the cell (on its physical properties, chemical and biological processes) which gives rise to numerous therapeutic effects on the whole body.

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Kinesitherapy means therapy of movement (from Greek, Kinesis = moving). Kinesitherapy for the treatment of back pain it is also called “postural-antalgic exercises” and it is based on a set of postures, soft movements and strengthening of weak muscles. It aims at restoring a good neuromuscular balance and above all it is aimed at reducing painful symptoms.

Massage is one of the oldest methods of treatment. Its name comes from the Arabic word "massa" meaning - "touch". Touch is the essence of massage. For people touch is essential because it provides the security, warmth, pleasure, comfort and restores vitality.

Osteoporosis is a systematical illness of bone metabolism. Generaly, progressive illness of skeleeton makes smaller the bone strenght (bones quality and bone mass).

If you have questions, please contact our doctors. We will try to help you with everything.