In 2003 we introduced our new and modern wellness facilities, which offer relaxation treatments with our natural resources. We supervise your regeneration, refreshment, recreation, prevention and beauty care.

From the beginning until today, the wellness program has expanded. Our wellness facilities are created by international standards and they are welcoming our guests in a beautiful, new environment.

(scheduling required by phone: 024 875 163)

Termo aroma therapy is a natural way to improve and maintain good health and a positive mental state, with the help of natural fragrances. This therapy improves local circulation, maintain muscle tone and the release of toxins from the body.

Because of pleasant fragrance and appearance of chocolate, the treatment seems relaxing and refreshing. Nourishes dry, dehydrated skin and gives it elasticity. The treatment is suitable for everyone, especially for people who were exposed to UV rays.

Algae therapy improves skin structure, replaces lost minerals in the skin, releases toxins and breaks down fat.

Relaxation massage helps with circulation, so your organs and skin get more oxygen; it moves fluid through your lymphatic system. A relaxation massage encourages your body to digest its food, and get rid of its toxins. It will help you to sleep better. A massage will also help unknot any muscles, soothe aches and sprains and encourage the skin to glow.

The lymphatic system is an enhancement to the venous system, it regulates the amount of fluid in the body tissue.
Lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling of joints, body detoxification, tissue regeneration, eases the chronic and acute inflammation, reduces cellulite.